Increasing *in* a cable


This is a tough question to pose, so I may be giving too much or too little information. I’m working on a sweater that has a few cable patterns across. When I get to the sleeves, every third row has an increase at each end.

The sleeves eventually increase to garter 6, cable 1, cable 2, cable 1, garter 6, but at the wrist end, the rows are [last 9 sts of cable 1][cable 2][first 9 sts of cable 1].

At some point during the increases, I have 3, 4, or 5 stitches of a slip3/k3/k3fromcn combo. Should I just knit the stitches until I get up to 6 stitches? Or when I have 4 of the stitches available, should I sl1, k3, k1 from the cn (or sl3, k1, k3 from the cn)?


I usually wait until I have a complete set of stitches for the cable and work in st st until I get to that point. If you only use one stitch to cross, I think it will look unbalanced.

Wow, you’re really fast!

Thank you so much.