Increasing in 1x1 Rib

What is the best method to increase in a 1x1 rib without messing up the ribbing?

I have to increase 16 sts evenly over a row of 44 sts.

Should I use paired bar increases to maintain the rib?
Like this:
knit one without dropping the st off the left needle, knit one through back loop of that same stitch, purl through backloop of the next stitch w/o dropping it off left needle, purl that same stitch, repeat eight times evenly across row.

Or am I totally overthinking this an making it more complicated than it needs to be?

Thanks for any help!

Do you start stockinette on the row after the increases? In that case I wouldn’t worry about the ribbing at all, just increase evenly spaced. M1 is good because it’s virtually invisible.

No, unfortunately I continue the ribbing, so M1 will show as a interruption in the rib (I think).

But thanks for the reply!

:thinking: That’s odd. I’m surprised they don’t tell you the best way. :??