Increasing for a sleeve

I’m stuck again and would appreciate any help. I’m knitting a sleeve for a sweater and I have to increase 1 stitch at both ends of the row. My question is how do I increase at the end of the row when I already have 3 purls and since this is a rib the new stitch should be a knit. Do I have to stay in the pattern or should I just make another purl stitch?:??

You could purl in the front and knit in the back of the last st. Since it’s at the end of a row for a sleeve the increases will be hidden in the seam.

Hey Sue, that’s exactly what I’ve tried to do. Not all that well mind you, but it doesn’t look too bad. I’m also thinking that since I only have to increase once or twice more, with about 12 rows in between, it probably won’t be seen that much anyway. I think I’ll stop stressing, and just enjoy the knitting!

Sounds like a plan! :thumbsup: