Increasing for a sleeve question

I am knitting a sweater sleeve. The pattern says increase at each edge of every 4th row 11 times. Question #1: Does this mean both the left and the right side? Question #2: Which stitch do I increase in, and what is the best method to use for the increase? I tried a couple of ways, but I don’t like the stair step look I get with increasing in the last stitch. I tried doing the next to the last stitch and I end up with a hole? any advice will do.


1 - Yes,

2 - whatever you like. You can use a M1 between the edge st and the next one, or kfb/

Just make sure you’re working your increase stitch twisted (as with M1) otherwise it will leave a hole. Some st patts call for incs to be worked w/o twisting, as in lace, because you want the hole to form.