Increasing Evenly In a Rib Pattern

I am currently trying to fight my way through the Hot Water Bottle Pattern. There is a beautiful cable and on the front and then ribbing (K2 P2) around the sides and back. Pattern says to work on DPN 74 sts. 10 sts. for side edge, 28 sts for front, 10 sts for 2nd side edge and 26 sts for back. The rib pattern starts with P2.

Everybody with me? Good…here is where it all falls apart.

On 3rd round increase as follows: mark 6 center sts of each 10 stitches at side edges and M1 knitwise tbl on either side of these = 4 inc. Rep these increases every 2nd round another 7 times working alt K2 and P2 tbl = 106 sts.

Am I always M1 knitwise or sometimes will it be purwise? What does working alt K2 and P2 mean? How can I continue an even ribbing pattern with this increases? I think my ribbing will be off as I increase.

Please help! Thank you.

I don’t quite understand what they’re saying, either. I think you’re supposed to M1 knitwise each time and continue ribbing. You probably could just incorporate your increases into the ribbing pattern as you go, so there may be times when there is only one k st at the edge, but it will look blended in.

Here is the hot water bottle cozy I’ve seen, and it looks less complicated, if you’re interested.

I’m doing a pattern that increases in rib, though it’s not in the round, and it will mess up the ribbing for a bit. As long as you keep track of where your increases are you can fit it back into the rib pattern as you go along. And alt K2 and P2 just means alternate knitting 2 stitches and purling 2 stitches to for the ribbing. Not sure if that helps at all.

So do you think I should forget about the M1 on either side of the 6th center sts? I should just increase at the beginning of the 10 sts and at the end of the 10. As these sts are on their own needle.

Maybe I should try to make this with 4 DPN instead of 5. I have never used 5 before. I am making this as a hostess gift for my husband’s boss. The party is Dec 10th, prehaps I am being a little to ambitous. :oops:

Thank you for your help and the attached pattern. The one I have is worth the trouble if it works!

It just clicked :doh: . Now I see that you’re supposed to increase in the middle of the sides. I think either way would work, but if you do the increases where they say, then when there is a break in the ribbing it won’t be as obvious. It will travel up the sides.

My mind was on the pattern that I linked so I was thinking that there was a break between the sides and the front and back.

Ok so I am going to make the increases knitwise and then just follow the stitches for the rib. I won’t worry about throwing the pattern off with the extra sts. I think once I knit a couple of inches I will start to see it a little easier.

Thank you for your help!