Increasing after k1,p1 rib

Hi everyone,
I wondered if anybody could help me with a pattern I’ve just bought.
The instructions say to Rib 1, [work twice into next stitch ] 3 (4, 5, 5, 6) times.

Do I continue with the rib pattern, that is, if my first rib st. is a purl, do I then knit twice into the next stitch or do I do a knit then a purl through back loop into it?

I am doing the second size so will have to work twice into 4 stitches but don’t know if this means Rib 1 then K twice into next stitch then purl twice into next stitch, etc., or Rib 1 then knit then purl into the next and following 3 stitches.

Hope I’ve explained this properly and many thanks in anticipation of any advice you may be able to offer.

What pattern are you doing? It may help to see a photo. Where are you in the pattern and what comes after the increases?
Usually it’s best to increase in each stitch as k2p2 over the next 4sts. The rib is changed but it a neat way depending on what stitch pattern is on the following rows. So you would knit into the next knit st, purl into the following purl etc.

Hi Salmonmac,
Many thanks for responding to my query. I guess that, at almost 1 a.m. my brain wasn’t working at its best and when I looked at the pattern again (after a good night’s sleep) I realised that the advice you gave was correct and I am now part-way through the back of the jumper.

I bought the pattern from eBay and it’s an old one from the 1970s I think, so I couldn’t post a link to it. Many thanks again.