Increasing across 1x1 rib

This is my first time posting here so fingers crossed I get a good response cos I’m really stumped!

I’m not a hugely experienced knitter but I found an ‘easy’ pattern for a huge baggy jumper in chunky wool. I’ve had no major problems so far, managed raglan sleeves etc…but now I’ve gotten to the stage of finishing off.
I followed the instructions to join the sleeves to the front and one side of the back pieace…but leaving it unjoined on the other side of the back so I could pick up the stitches across the top of all the sections.
Now I’ve picked up the stitches for the huge cowl neck no problem…and knitted in a 1x1 rib for the required number of rows.
But now the end is in sight and I’ve reached the point where the pattern says…

''Inc in first st, *P1, inc in next st, rep from * to end, 59 stitches"

I’ve tried increasing every which way I can find, even looking all over the place online, but I still haven’t managed to find one that looks right when the cowl neck is rolled over. Obviously the increase is to allow the neck rib to kinda flop over on itself (if that makes sense). I’ve knitted and unpicked the neck section back to the increase row and still it never looks right. I’ve read other descriptions and tried them all, and maybe I’m just dense lol. I find videos easier to get my head round, but, whilst there are loads showing different ways to increase stitches, I’ve found it impossible one that satisfactorily shows this kind of increasing in rib.

PLEASE can someone point me in the right direction? :frowning:
It’s so frustrating as I can see the jumper ALMOST complete and it looks great


A pattern that says to increase IN a stitch usually means kfb. So for this it looks like you kfb in all the knit sts.

Sorry to sound like an idiot but does that mean knit into the front of the knit stitch then the back?

I really do need a ‘Knitting For Dummies’ guide :aww:

I think that was one of the methods I already tried and it came out looking weird…but maybe I’d just lost my patience by that point.
I’ll try again…fingers crossed!

Yes, knit into the stitch as usual, leave it on the needle, then knit into the back leg of the st. There’s a video on the Increases page if you need to take a look to see if you’re doing it right.

I watched a video and I’m sure I’m doing it right…but I seem to end up with ‘bars’ in between my stitches. Will these become less obvious as I continue knitting the collar?

You might also try doing the increase by knitting into the stitch one row below or into the back loop of the st one row below. I think these increases are a little less visible.

The bars are normal for this increase, but should be a little less visible. The other increases suggested don’t leave them but you have to change where you put the incs as they inc between sts and if you don’t inc in the knit st, you have to do it after one, so there’s 2 sts between them, not one.