Increasing a sleeve


I am making a sleeve for a sweater. The pattern is pictured below. I have done the first set of 7 rows in the body and I circled the area where I have the question. I have to increase every 4th row and I’m not sure how to do that in this pattern because some of the rows increase anyways?

. Any help is appreciated.


When you increase every 4th row, you’ll just follow the pattern as written. Work the jincreases as noted in rows 3 and 7 until you have repeted them 6 times more. Then you will change the increase from the given rows to every 6th row.

You’ll be increasing on rows 3 and 7to begin and then on rows 11,15,19,23,27,31. Every 6th row will continue on rows 37, 43, 49, etc.


Okay, and so I just start again on row one and do my increases as you described?
I really appreciate your help!



Yes I usually write out the row numbers and then list the pattern rows next to them. Then it’s easy to check them off as you knit.


Okay my only wonder is that row 3 isn’t a fourth row. So my row numbers don’t match up with yours, Counting from row 1,row 2, row 3 that’s a third row not a fourth row?
Where am I thinking wrong!?


Work through rows 1-8 of the pattern starting with the incs on rows 3 & 7. The incs will continue on 3 & 7 while you’re working them every 4th row.


Okay, I get it. Thank you!


I’m sorry to bother you again but I am done the increases and just wondering about how to “work even until sleeve measures…” What does “work even mean” ??( knit the knit Rows and pearl the Pearl Rows??
Thank you


Yes, work those rows as knits or purls without any increases or decreases.


Thank you so much.