Increasing a ribbed sleave question

I’m knitting a sleave that is done in 2X2 ribbing with an instruction to increase one stitch at the beginning and end of each row. How do I do this and stay in ribbed pattern? Is there a certain increase that works better than another for this? Another question is “increase 1 st each edge every 4th row” Is my first increase in the 4th row or the first row and then next in row 5?
Thanks in advance for any advice :slight_smile:

[QUOTE]increase 1 st each edge every 4th row" Is my first increase in the 4th row or the first row and then next in row 5?
[/QUOTE] I would say you inc on the 4th row and not the first one unless it says something like “increase in the first (or next) and then every following 4th row”.

I like to use a front/back increase in this kind of case. You can make a fb inc either k or p as needed.

So if you have KKPPKKPPKKPPKK you will want to add the next stitch at each end as a P. Until you do the next inc you will not have 2 there but that will look okay. So in this case you work into the first K st by purling into the front of it, then knitting into the back of it. That adds a P before the first K and retains the existing knit that was the first stitch. At the end of the row you have 2 knits so you want a purl next, so knit into the front of the st then purl it tbl.

On your next inc row you need another purl at each end so purl into the front and back of each end stitch. P in back tbl.

On your next inc row you will want to add a knit st to each end so begin by doing a k in front and a purl in back tbl of the first purl. At the end you need a knit so purl into the purl in front then knit it in back.

Now you need another knit on each end so into the beg and ending knit sts, kfb.

I suppose that the increase video shows how to do a kfb, I’m not sure if it shows a kfpb, or a pfkb, or even a pfpb, but they can all be done.

I hope that makes sense.

Thank you so much - that makes perfect sense! Now, trying to purl in the front and back is a bit of a challenge, but I’ll practice!! :muah: