I’m confused about the general wording of a pattern I’m working on. This is the part that confuses me. It says to mark the next stitch then finish… Do I work the stitch thats marked? Then it says Inc number of sts in yoke ribbing on every fourth row by working two more… would that be a kfb?

Do you have a link to the pattern? Or can you write out only those two rows. Does the pattern explain which increase up in the notes?

That’s what makes it soo confusing… I have only been knitting for a couple months but I have been crochetting for a few years So I kinda know how to read a patter but when there is no underlying explaination… I get sooo lost… I dont have a link as it is in a book that I own… but I can type out the confusing part.
Ribbing in V patt: On next RS row, work to 1 st before marked st,P1K1P1, finis row in established patt. Inc nuber of sts in yoke ribbing on every 4th row by working 2 more sts in patt on each side, creating a v patt. For example, on next 3 rows, work in patt. On next RS row, work in 3 sts before cener p1 k1 3 times p1 finish row. Work in patt, remembering to inc sts in yoke ribbing on every 4th row, until piece measures 14" ending with the WS

Ooooookay… I [I]think[/I] you’re supposed to pkp into one stitch, this will keep the ribbed pattern. You purl into the st but leave it on the needle, knit into the back leg of the same stitch, then purl into the front again and now you’re done with the old stitch, then complete that row in pattern. Work 3 rows in pattern, then on the 4th row, do another pkp increase as before.

Thank you sooo much for the help…one more thing you might be able to answer me… Is at the end of a pattern when it says making up is that just how you put it together… for like flower and so on?

Yes, ‘making up’ is another term for Finishing, sewing seams or doing the final touches.