hi, knitters…

instead of doing copious amounts of reading for class today, i’ve spent all day knitting. hooray!

i’m halfway through the back of the sweater i’m knitting. my next instructions say, “Inc 1 st each end of next row”. so, i suppose this means that i have to m1k at the beginning and at the end of the next row. but, i seem to remember that one is not to m1k right at the beginning or end of the row. is it okay to do it after the second stitch? or the third?



It’s a preference as to whether you do the increase right at the end of the row, or 2 or 3 sts in, not a `supposed to’. Do whichever you think looks good, even right at the end, just do them all the same.


thanks much. i sometimes forget that knitting, abover all, is an individual, creative endeavor!