Hi everyone, I think I might have posted incorrectly, so I’m having another go. I am knitting a waistcoat in 4ply which has a curved front edge. The pattern has quite a number of increases at the beginning and end of rows. So far I am not very pleased with the tidiness of the increases as the edge is looks uneven. I have tried different increases but I am hoping someone could make a suggestion to increase and create a tidy edge. Thanks very much.

I don’t know what kind of increases you’re using. There are some that are more subtle than others.
You may also be able use the increases one or two sts in from the edges.
Here are some good ones.

Thankyou for the video, I’m sure one of those increases will certainly do the job. I’m very grateful for your input, I always turn to this site when I’m in a pickle & always come out sweet. :slightly_smiling_face:

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