Increases without holes?

I’m knitting the Favorite Cardi from Custom Knits.

I’m about 6 inches into it, just past moving the stitches to waste yarn for the arms. I tried it on, and there is no way it will fit over my bust as it is. I’m trying to make increases along the sides of the cables, and can’t figure out what ones would be best. I tried knitting front and back, but that is leaving a line. So I tried Make one increases, specifically left I believe, but it’s leaving holes. I would really appreciate any suggestions as what increases to use. Thanks!

You might be better off doing the increases along the sides, under the arms. Even if something shows a bit, it’ll look like a ‘seam’.

In any event, if you do the M1 correctly, it should be almost invisible. Lift the bar from the from front to back and knit into the back of it. Because of the tension changes around the cable, that may be why it’s noticeable.

Another increase you could try is to work a stitch into the stitch below the one on the left needle. It makes a nice tight increase, but I don’t know how it will look next to a cable.

Thanks so much for the quick reply! I will try doing the increases on the side, and see if I can do the M1 correctly.

You can also cast on sts at the underarm when you split the sleeve sts from the body. Knit across a front, CO x sts (an inch or two worth) put the sleeve sts on a holder, knit across the back, CO the same number of sts and put the sleeve sts on a holder, then knit the other front sts. That should give you 2-4 more inches which may work better than just increasing a couple sts along the `side’.

I use the KRL and KLL increases a lot and find them almost invisible. Videos are in the tab above.