Increases too tight

I’m having a lot of trouble on this increase row. It says to kf&b, m1L, kf&b repeat to end of round. So I’m turning 40 sts into 100 sts. My problem is that I’m only through 1/4 of the sts and it’s already so tight I can barely knit. :wall: This is the fifth time I’ve started this row over. I even moved all the sts on the left needle onto a size US1 (I’m knitting on US3’s) and it’s not really helping. Part of the problem I know is that I’m so tense that my tension is really tight. Is there anything I can do to help me get through this row?

Have a glass of wine… or two.

It’s only knitting, no reason to be so tense, relax.

I am definitely a beginner, so I might not have good advice. However, should you maybe pull back a couple more rows and make sure that your knitting is loose enough at that point as well?

I sometimes start knitting too tight, and then I have to really concentrate on making sure that I put the full point of the needle into each loop and pulling back out plenty far so that everything stays loose.