Increases mid row being too visible

Hello peeps. First time here so treat me gently!!

The following applies to a Rowan pattern called Edda from magazine number 36. Just in case it makes a difference, the two row pattern goes (with *'s indicating repeats):

Row 1: K1, P1, K1
Row 2: K1, slip st purlwise, K1

Have had a go at this pattern a couple of times now. Am fine with all the instructions but there’s one part that just won’t seem to work out right.

There are two different(but very similar) increases that have to be worked mid-row (on pattern row 2), the instructions from the pattern go as follows:

“Pick up loop lying between needles and K into back then P into front of this loop”

The other instruction is pretty much the same except it’s P then K.

At first I was getting gaping holes so looked on the net for help, turns out I was doing it wrong so undid the piece and had another go. It looks better now but it’s still very noticeable once a few more rows have been worked. Unacceptably noticeable in my opinion.

Just wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong or perhaps offer an alternative way of acheiving the same result which would be easier?

Many thanks.

By doing a kfb into the picked up loop, that’s going to stretch it out some and result in a larger than usual hole. You could look at the increase section of Basic Techniques and use a KLL and KRL. Those are about the most invisible increases I’ve found, even when done next to each other.


I agree with suzeeq, I like the KRL and KLL the best, they leave no holes. :happydance: