Increases in Fair Isle


I’m knitting the sleeves to a jumper in Fair Isle (Wendy 5598) and working from a chart and just don’t understand how to incorporate increased stitches into the pattern. Am I to do the increased stitches at the very end of the needle both ends? It seems to throw the pattern out in the chart and I’ve had several attempts. I would be grateful for any advice you can give me.

The pattern gives the first two rows in printed form and then instructs to continue with the chart and to increase the stitches both ends of the needle in next row and to continue with row three of the chart.

If the pattern is free, could you post the chart?

No sorry. It wasn’t a free pattern and I don’t know how to post a chart.


Since the chart is only for the lower part of the sleeve it’ll only be part of a few increases. You could work the increased sts “outside” the chart in the background color.
The alternative is to extend the chart yourself by predicting the stitch pattern. You want to work the increases so that you don’t alter or jog the chart pattern you’ve already established.

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Thanks, I wondered if that is what I should do.