Increases for darts ? help 3rd rip back

I am doing a Rebecca pattern (you’ve probably seen the photo-- in the phot it is a brown halter with strass stones) --Anyway – if you haven’t I’ll try to explain where I’m stuck— this is my 3rd rip back to make it look right.

thissweater is knit in the round up until the two triange halter part- and then it is knit back and forth-- here goes the part —

On fol RS row start with darts and front neck shaping (Iget the neck shaping): For darts mark sts 21-22 on either side of center front and work a yarn-over on either side of these two sts ( and on WS row P1 tbl on fol WS row)

Okay I understand that I am making an increase by these 2 markers; however, I am having a very difficult time not creating a hole — the first atttempt I did the yarn-overs and there was a little hole. Next attempt . I did on the rs of the marker a M1F and the left a M1B-- problem with that was the M1F was leaving a little hole ( the big problem with these holes is pretty obvious – in that I don’t want liittle holes where my nipples are in the sweater!!

I would get it right on one side of the marker and then have a small hole ont the other side. I was trying so many different increase, I am not sure whidh ones worked best-- because some did not leave holes and some did.
I tried knitting in the loop of the row below ( but, I think - I forgot to knit in the back loop and knitted into the front…

Anyway— can someone pleeeze insturct me on the best increases to use by the markers ??? and if there is a specific one by the right and left marker—


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Just so you don’t think you were doing the yo increases wrong, they’re supposed to leave holes–eyelets basically.

When I do M1, I pick up the bar with the left needle from front to back and knit into the small loop at the back. This doesn’t leave a hole. If you knit into the long strand of a M1 it will leave a hole. Are you sure you did the M1’s correctly and knit into the small side?

:thinking: To be honest the M1’s are the most invisible I can think of. You can try a kfb, but it might leave tiny holes, too.

when I do MIf I lift the bar w/ left needle from the front and knit into the back of the stitch ( that is the bar is on the left needle and I knit into the back of the bar on the left needle that has been lifted from the front with the left needle) – I think because the bar has been stretched – it does leave a small hole. I do not want any hole because it is where my nipple is on the sweater.
maybe I am not doing it right— but I have watched the videos and I believe I am doing it right. It seems that when I lift the bar from the back and knit into the front of the bar on the left needle there is not a hole-- but it is so difficult to do-- I sometimes stretch the yarn and leave a hole. Any pother suggestions?