Increases & Drcreases

I’m looking for video tutorial for different types of increases and decreases; showing how and when to use each. I’m going to start my first mittens (TinCanKnits-World’s Simplest Mittens). For instance, pattern just states m1 for thumb gusset and I know one should lean left, one right but no instructions for this. And for the decreases, they specify ssk and k2tog. Does one lean a different way than the other?
Thanks in advance for clearing this up for me:))

Check the videos here in Knitting Help to start. There is a sample of what three different increases and decreases look like and description. I’ll see what else just can find.

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I’ll check it out Jan. Thank you!

I’m not sure about the increases, but I do know the decreases k2tog leans right / , and ssk leans the opposite . Great to know on the backs and fronts of sweaters too. Good luck on your mittens!

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Here’s some more help.




This is great Jan👍 Just what I was looking for!! Thanks so much:)

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