Increases at ends?


I’m working ribbing on sleeves of my sweater pattern. Being a new knitter, I’ve checked out the videos on this site for increases, but I don’t know which to use for this…

Work in ribbing same as back for 2". Continue ribbing, inc. 1 st at each end of next row, then every 1" 4 times more…

I understand i need to add either a knit or purl stitch on each end to keep the ribbing pattern going, but how do I add a knit, how do I add a purl, when starting at the beginning and end of a row, not in the middle??

Detailed instructions, if you please… I’m really really new at this.
Thanks again for any help,
Lee Lee

I don’t think it really matters how you increase the stitches (personally I would use a M1R if I want it to slant to the right, and a M1L if I want it to slant to the left, videos can be found on this page, and I wouldn’t make the increase immediately at the edge, I’d do it one stitch in from the edge to make seaming easier later on). What matters more is that when you come to those newly added stitches on the next and subsequent rows, you incorporate them into the stitch pattern. So if the next stitch in the rib should be a purl where you’ve increased, you would purl it and if it should be a knit stitch to continue to rib pattern, you would knit it.

Does that help?