I finally decided on this blanket instead:

Every time I get to the increase row, I don’t have enough stitches! its k 4 m1 so I have been using a kfb, k4 kfb, when I come to the end, I don’t have enough stitches (should be 88 but I have 82- I have ripped it out twice and recounted too without knitting, and I still don’t have the right amount of stitches at the end (4 for k1p1 x2) Am I doing something wrong?

If you use kfb you need to change your count to k3, kfb. The m1 would make a new stitch in between existing stitches. Depending upon where the increase is used you might like the kfb or the other might look better.

Link to this site’s increases videos. Scroll down and you’ll see the M1 videos.

ETA When you k4, kfb you’ve actually worked 5 sts before the increase, not 4.