I just started my first real project, a slouchy hat. I just reached the increase part of the pattern, K2 M1. When I search for how to do this it seems that there are lots of different ways to increase but my pattern doesn’t specify which one to use so I’m not really sure which one do! Is there a generic increase or do you pick whichever sounds good to you?
Thanks so much in advance!

M1 means to make 1.

You can make 1 leaning to the left or make 1 leaning to the right. If the pattern doesn’t specify which one to do, then you can do whichever you are most comfortable, just be consistent throughout the pattern.

If the pattern has you doing paired increases (i.e. an increase on either side of a marker/stitch/cable/pattern) then make the increase before the marker lean right and the increase after the marker lean left.

When I make 1 or M1 I dont like holes in my knitting so I just knit front and back of the stitch and that way you get 1. Some dont agree and I have tried it the way M1 is supposed to be done but I get holes. I just do what I like that works for me.

Hi and Welcome the Knitting Help.
There are several different increases as you’ve discovered and just about everyone has a favorite, go-to increase. You can take a look at the ones shown under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page and try some of them to see which you like and which one works best for you but M1A is a good general increase and it’ll work well in this situation. It occurs between stitches so it’s easy to maintain the correct stitch count.

If you use kfb instead of m1 you may not come out with the right number of stitches or the increase will be in the wrong spot. Kfb uses a stitch but m1 is between stitches; on some patterns it doesn’t matter, such as if you inc at the beg and end of a row. But in this one where it’s k2, m1 all across the row, if you k2, kfb you wont get the right amount of stitches. When you do sub it, you need to know that kfb would be k1, m1 so on this pattern it would be k1, kfb all around the stitches.

Thank you all so much for your help!