I am confused on how to knit this. The pattern reads:

“…work in K2P2, increasing each end every RS. At 2.5 in from beginning…”

If I am doing K2P2 then it seems like my stitches are going to be off. Do I just continue to follow the pattern and K the K and P the P?

I hope that makes sense.

Don’t worry about the edge sts just knit the knits and purl the purls to stay in pattern.

Thanks for the quick help. I thought I should just stay in pattern but it seemed wrong at the same time.

Stay in pattern. Got it! :thumbsup:


No when you add or dec sts in a st pattern like a rib or seed st, you can’t just start the beg of the row with the same st. You have to work the new sts into the pattern (and leave out decreased sts). Since you seem to know how to read the pattern in your sts instead of just reading the written pattern, you shouldn’t have a problem with things like this.