is simple cast-on method to make increases same as M1A ?

and when you M1A am i suppose to move to knit the next stitch or i have to do something with the M1A loop as well ?

At the top of the forum there are video and one whole section on increases. Check those to see which is which.

When you increase you just do it as the pattern says. Don’t move any other stitches unless the instructions tell you to.

i know how M1A is done i just dont understand what the pattern is saying by simple cast on method for increases , i m guessing its M1A but if someone knows for sure what it means please help

please help :frowning:

If it’s only a couple stitches, that’s probably the one they mean. Without the context in a pattern - how many sts do you have, how many are you supposed to `increase’, have you bound off any on a previous row, etc - it’s a little more difficult to just say yes or no.

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and the increases its asking are cast on method to increase so is that same as M1A

Thanks for posting the link, those are cute.

Yes, just use the M1A to increase.

thanks so much :):muah: