I am making a sweater…

On one part of the pattern I was to M1 (which is twisting yarn onto needle)

Now it is saying to increase at beginning at end of each row.

My question is how do I know what kind of increase to do?

M1 or Kfb (knit front and back) ?

Please help!

Very recently I asked just about the same question and someone told me it didn’t matter. I just finished a baby’s hat and booties and the instructions wanted you to make 1 but I prefer the front and back of the stitch increase so I did that and it came out fine.

Ok thanks
I actually had a problem with my first increase as I was to M1 but did not know about that type of increase and I make the Kfb. Well I ended up with short stitches at the end of the row. So unless you are working on St sts and not a pattern that requires a certain amount of stitches at the end, I guess so.


An inc and the ends of a row doesn’t have to literally be at the very end stitch. If you make a kfb, you can sure, but you can do that or a M1 1 st in from the edge. Or 2 or 3 sts in.