Increase when?

Hey there~

I am knitting a sleeveless top and am confused about how to do the increase. The instructions to increase state:

Cont in patt, shaping side seams by inc 1 st at each end of the 7th row (from beg of patt) and [color=blue]every foll 8th row[/color] until there are 59 sts. (Started with 49 sts).

So, on row 7 I inc at the beg and end of the row. Np. Now, do I turn the work and inc on row 8 at the beg and end, or do I knit another 8 rows and then do the next inc?

You’ll increase on the 7th, then on every 8th row after that–not on the next row.

So it will be 7, 15, 23, etc.

Thank you ever so much Ingrid. You are a sweetie. :cheering: