Increase Video

The Increase Video is not working. All other ones are. At least for me.

I wonder if anyone else has checked out the Increase V and found the same. :thinking:

You mean the ones at the top where it says

Video for continental knitters
Video or english knitters

If so, that’s because that’s just the “key” to let you know pink is for continental and blue is for english. The actual videos are along the sides of the sampler below that.

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:



Don’t feel too bad. I made the same mistake the first time I tried to watch it. I didn’t contact anyone, but just decided to try it again later. Later I realized the mistake I’d made. :blush:

I don’t have to worry 'bout making those dumb mistakes now though, 'cause I purchased Amy’s CD. It’s so neat having all the videos so accessable. :thumbsup:

I am waiting for Amy to announce her new video is ready to purchase. :cheering:

Happy to hear you are enjoying her CD Video. :thumbsup:

I haven’t tried that video, however, with about half the videos I get no sound at all. Half of them work just fine, and the rest have no sound!

Hey Anne, this is great info. I’ve changed the wording on those icons, so it shouldn’t be so confusing now. Thanks!

MommaBear, there are some videos on this site that still don’t have sound. I shot them all that way originally, for smaller videos, but have been replacing them, since I’ve figured out how much y’all like the sound commentary. They’ll all have sound eventually. :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: Thank you Amy :heart: