increase stitches on sleeves- which method?

Hi all,

Just wondering what the best type of increase is for sleeves? This is my first time making sleeves and I had to learn how to increase. There are about 3 or 4 ways. I tried one method which I eventually found out was just a plain old yarn over. Yes, I had an increase, but also a hole… So I’ve settled on the knit in front, knit in back increase. Is this the best way for sleeves? I’ve seen a way that seems to make a nice slant on both sides. I’m thinking that might be a more elegant one to use in future.

Your thoughts please :slight_smile:

It’s really a matter of personal preference. Yes, a yo will create a hole whereas some of the other increases are almost invisible (almost). I like the M1, make one or the KRL &KLL (knit right loop & knit left loop). These are demonstrated in videos at the top of the page under Free Videos, Increases.

Thanks a lot! I’d like to try the increases you recommend on my next sleeve.

I’ve also come across knitters using a selvedge edge to make seaming easier. Do you do that? I’m just knitting the sleeve directly, but I shudder to think what seaming is going to be like (I had a bad experience on my previous project, a baby bonnet).

I prefer not to use a slip stitch edge unless a pattern calls for one (and sometimes not even then). An edge stitch in stockinette is fine. Place the increases one or two sts in from the edge and that will leave a nice edge for seaming. I like mattress stitch for seams. It’s neat and nearly invisible. You can test it out on small swatches if you’d like.

OK, got it! Thanks. My pattern is all in garter, so I guess that works as fine as the stockinette.