Increase stitch?

Help! I’m watching a video that is showing how to make mittens. The instructor is a continental knitter and I’m a Euro knitter. She did an increase where she inserted the needle into the front of the stitch, yarn over and then insert the needle into the back of the same stitch, yarn over before taking the entire stitch off the needle thus creating two loops.

What is this called? And how do I do this with Euro method. I looked through all the Increase video on this website and couldn’t find anything like what the instructor was doing.

Thank you.

You do it the same way, the only difference between the two styles is how the yarn is held. Look under bar increase, known as kfb; there’s a video for both continental and English.

Thank you.

when would you use this method as opposed to the other methods like M1?

A bar increase is easy to see as it sits on a little horizontal line of yarn (like a tiny bar). usually a bar increase is done on either end of your work where it will be hidden in a seam. I don’t usually do a bar increase. I dont like to increase on the end of my work. I would rather increase a few rows in because seaming my work later will be much easier. since all of my increasing is done a few rows into the work I prefer a more invisible increase like M1.

You may want to try to learn to knit continental, especially if your learning tapes are in continental. When i started to learn to knit, I tried to hold the yarn in my right hand as my book said, I didnt like this method as it was very slow. I kind of gave up knitting knowing that i would not pursue something that was so slow, but then learned to knit continental. After that I picked it up really fast. I have zoomed bast beginner patterns and i can now look up advanced patterns with all kinds of cables and colorwork and no longer be intimidated. I have been knitting now for about 8 months. If i had never learned to knit continental, then i would have put my needles away months ago.
if you want to learn continental knitting, there is a very good video on youtube