Increase size of baby blanket

I want to knit the Debbie Bliss teddy bear baby blanket but would like to make it longer and wider. Longer is an easy fix as I can just add another panel, how do I go about altering the pattern to make it wider I.e. How do I work out how many extra stitches to cast on… I thought I would just make it a panel wider

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That’s an adorable pattern and it should be pretty easy to add the extra panel. I don’t have the book but the individual panels look like they change from stockinette stitch to seed stitch. Find out how many knit sts across a panel and that should be the number to increase for cast on. You can double check the number of seed sts just to be sure you have the single panel stitch number correct.
You’ll also probably need to plan out where the faces go to make sure you don’t miss a block.
There are errata for the pattern which are linked to here:

Thanks :slight_smile: