Increase row question

I’m doing the Debbie Bliss Raglan Sweater for babies, on the inc row it states “Inc row (right side) K3, m1, knit to last 3 sts, m1, k3,” But Ive been doing it, K3, m1, knit to last 4 sts m1, K3"

Did I mess up? Can I continue in this pattern, or should I rip? Thanks.

I don’t know how you can work to the last 4 stitches, m1 k3. You do a m1 between stitches, so what are you doing with the 4th stitch?

Oh crap! I’m knitting and purling into the first stitch and then knitting three. <sigh> Ok, I’m ripping. Thanks Ingrid.

Ingrid, do I have to rip it? Can I just keep doing it this way?

that’s making one, you’re creating a stitch. However, m1 usually refers to making a stitch by picking up and knitting into the bar between the left and right needles. amy has a video that I’m too lazy to look up now. But unless it looks horrid, I’d keep it.

I’m sure you’ve made a decision by now, but I guess you could continue as long as you like the way it looks.

heh, I actually waited on you this time Ingrid. :slight_smile: I was so thrown off, that I was thinking I would end up with the wrong number of stitches in the end. :slight_smile:

It looks ok on this project, so Ill keep it. Thanks ladies.