Increase Question

I’m about to attempt to knit my first baby sweater so I am reading over the pattern to be sure it’s “doable” before I begin. I came across this line of the pattern which confuses me a bit and I was hoping to get a bit of help.

(By this point there are 33 sts on the needle)

Row 6: K3, *k in front and back of next st (increase), k1; repeat from *, [B]ending increase 1m[/B] k3. (47 sts)

I suppose my question is, which type of increase is the bolded part referring to?

It may be a type and means m1. Does the pattern say anywhere on it what increase they suggest?

Also… include a link to the pattern whenever possible when asking questions. It helps us help you.

Here is the pattern. I should have thought of thought of including it before. Sorry about that.

There are 2 places where the increases seem vague to me: The row 6 ending one that I mentioned before, and at row 10 when they start using the term “inc 1 st in next st”.


“inc 1 st in next st”.

This is the same as a kfb; it’s the only increase you do [B]in[/B] a stitch, the others are done between stitches.

On the other one “[B]ending increase 1m” [/B]that could be a typo and the m is supposed to be a comma. I’ve done that before…