Increase question

Hello. I am making a pair of mittens and there is a row in which I need to increase by 6 stiches (from 68 to 74). Here is what the pattern says to do

P2, K2

K1, P2, #, inc in next st purlwise, P11. rep from # to last 5 sts. inc in next st purlwise, P3 K1

Now I count adding 5 stiches total if I follow this but I need to add 6 if I am to have 74 sts at the end.
This is what I am thinking…

K1 P2, P2, K2, inc, P11, P2, K2, inc, P11, P2, K2, inc, P11, P2, K2, inc, P11, (thats 63 sts + 4 increases) Now do I P1 inc, inc P3 K1?

I thought about just putting an inc after the first P2. Any thoughts?

Here is the pattern link. I am on Right Hand… Next Row.


When you increase [B]in[/B] a stitch it’s kfb/pfb, the other increases are done between sts which is maybe why you only get 5 instead of 6.

Does that mean the increase st is included in the 11 purl count?

No; the P11 is separate.

What you have on that row is K1 P2 (3 stitches used so far), and then a repeating segment of pfb p11 (12 stitches used, 13 ended up with). You repeat that segment five times – after the first repetition, you’ve got 15 stitches used and 16 on working needle; second repetition, 27 used and 29 on working needle; third, 39 used and 42 working; fourth, 51 used and 55 working; fifth, 63 used and 68 working. That leaves you with five stitches left, and since that has an increase (pfb p3 k1), you end up with six additional stitches on your working needle, or 74.

(I’m assuming that the “inc in next st purlwise” that they use is pfb. At any rate, it’s making two stitches out of one, so the math still adds up.)