Increase question

I’m making mittens and the instructions say to ‘increase 1 stitch in first stitch’.

What does that mean, exactly? What’s the best way to do this?


It means to make the 1st stitch into 2 stitches. A good, easy method is “knit into the front and back of that 1st stitch”…KFB for short.

CLICK HERE FOR INCREASES VIDEO and scroll down til you see KFB…and click on that video. Amy demonstrates the technique.

Here’s the increase I use when making these (by the way, for future reference, this booklet also had a fantastic standard mitten pattern for various sized hands, which I believe the vintage site has also reproduced, and I also use this increase in the thumb gore for those): Instead of making a stitch in a stitch, I do what Amy calls the “Make 1 Left” or “Make 1 Front” in her videos, here. It is almost invisible, very flat, looks like it’s part of the original knitting you’re doing, no holes. In short, you lift the “bar” between 2 sts (2 stitches which are on the needles) onto the needle, and then knit into the back of it, so the bar gets twisted or crossed. If you look at the video for it, it will make sense.

So here’s how that works in the pattern-- when it tells you to Knit 1 into the first stitch, instead, knit the first stitch, then make 1 from the bar inbetween that stitch and the next one. Then knit the number of sts inbetween the increases, the way it tells you to. THEN, for the 2nd increase on that row, I do it in reverse; I make 1 from the bar, and THEN knit the next st. It just keeps it very even and symetrical. So it works out like this (let’s say you’re on the 2nd inc round, so you have 3 sts inbetween the increase sts):
K1 M1 K3 M1 K1. You can section off the thumb gore to make keeping track of this easier.

When a pattern says to make a stitch [B]in[/B] the next stitch, you would do a KFB as ArtLady mentioned. The M1 and other increases are between the sts.

Suzeeq, you are absolutely correct-- it’s just that she’s using a vintage pattern (she’s already posted another question about some typos in the on-line version) that I’ve made dozens of times (I have my grandmother’s original copy), and I just like the way the gore lies with the in-between increases better. So mom43boyz, try both ways and see which you prefer!:slight_smile:

:grphug: I will try both ways and see how it goes!

This site is awesome! I would never be able to create anything without all the help I’ve gotten here!!!

Thank you!!!