Increase question

Hello, This is my first sweater project and could someone please help me with my question? I am on my last row of k2 p2 ribbing at base of the sweater. I cast on 130 sts and need to inc 21 sts evenly across last row to end with 151 sts. Do I begin inc on first st and calculate from there? Also, if land on a purl st, do I inc in a purl fashion? Reccommended inc is to knit into front and back of st. Thanks

A few things–

  1. I highly prefer to increase between the stitches, by pulling up on the bar from the row below. It is almost invisible and very neat looking.
  2. Yes, if you land on a purl stitch, increase purl-wise. Although, if you are doing the increase I prefer, above, then that would only happen if the increase falls between 2 purl stitches. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter.
  3. 130 divided by 21 = 6.19, so I would increase every 6 sts a couple of times, and then every 7 one time, etc. As long as it’s pretty reasonable staggered throughout the 130 sts, you’ll be okay. I personally prefer to knit a few sts from the beginning and then do the first increase-- I just think it gives a more even, neater look.
  4. The last suggestion I would make, in order to keep from having to count sts every 15 seconds, is to put in a marker after every 10 or 20 sts, INCLUDING the increases. That way, you can much more easily count the markers and know when you get to 151. And then on the next row, remove them as you come to them.

How exciting you’re making your first sweater! Keep us posted on how it’s going.

I would just use a simple backward loop increase in this situation. I notice Amy says it leaves a hole, but I can’t say that I ever notice a hole when used between the change from ribbing to whatever at the waist of a sweater. You do the backward loop the same wherever it is needed.

Thanks for your advice. I was a little nervous at first but it turned out to be fairly easy after all and looks nice.

post pictures :slight_smile: