Increase question

Hi, I’m new at ''lace" knitting and I am knitting a cardigan for myself. The pattern is quite easy to start (pattern stitch: ROW 1 (ws) purl across. ROW 2, K1, *K2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk; rep from * to last st, end k1. ROW 3: purl across; rep rows 2 and 3 for pattern. I’m ok so far with this. Then i needed to shape waist: (my original cast on is 97 sts). I’m done with "beg on next row, dec 1 st at beg and end of row (every 4th row) 5 times = 87 sts. :shrug: Then pattern goes to say: work even until back measures 7 and half inches from beg. Done this easily enough. Looks good. However, I now need to increase back to original 97 sts. by inc 1 at beg and end or row (same as dec steps but backwards). I’ve ripped out twice already because i can’t seem to make it look nice. I think it’s the yo that is causing me SO much trouble. Could someone give me some advice please? THANKS VERY MUCH!..

Use a M1 instead of the YO, or knit into the back of the first stitch and then do the first stitch. HTH Mary

I thought I posted the same thing a bit ago… Yes, a kfb on the edge sts or M1 between the edge st and the next one in.

thanks mwhite! and suzeeq!

now all i need to do is figure out how to keep up the pattern without the 5 sts repeat…yikes!