Increase Question

Good morning all,

I am working on a sweater at the moment and down to the sleeves. The pattern calls for increasing every six rows - 1 increase on the first stitch of the row and “next to last stitch” of the row by knitting throught the front and back loop. For some reason it leaves somewhat of a hole when I do this. What am I doing wrong? Will this affect the sleeve seams at the end? I’d have to have spent so much time on this project only to have it look “homemade” vs. “handmade”.


A kfb can form a little bit of a hole - it also leaves a visible, small horizontal strand of yarn on the right side.

An alternative, which is much more invisible and looks much better in my opinion, is the M1L (left slanting) and M1R (right slanting) increases. Both have videos on this page. If you go that route you would knit the first stitch of the increase row, M1R, knit to one stitch remaining on the left needle, M1L, then knit the last stitch.

Someone told me to try the KRL and the KLL and I love them. I don’t see any hole at all. :happydance: