Increase question?

Hi I’m a newbie who is a little stumped on something.

Making an afghan, 3rd attempted at getting this right so I figured, ask the professionals LOL!

Pattern is for a cable K afghan.

CO 182 st

R 1-7 K across

R 8 Increase 30 st evenly across row.

Where do I insert the 30? Between what st? I have tried between the 5th and between 6th neither is right and the calculater in the book is telling me 5.8 after the calculations. I’ve rounding up and down and don’t want to blow this again.

So between what number st do I add each increase?

Thanks in advance.


I would just increase every 6 stitches, so on stitch #6, 12, 18, etc. Your last increase will land on stitch #180, which is close enough in my opinion. With such a large number of stitches it won’t matter if it’s exactly spaced evenly. If you want, you could increase every 6sts a few times, and every 5 sts a few times to make it spaced a little bit more evenly but really it won’t make much difference.

I always just try to do it as evenly as I can… just keeping track of sts I have left and how many more inc I Have… I kinda re work it as I go…

:teehee: you might want to wait though and see if thats how others do it… :oops:

ETA: :rofl: Listen to KQ… I should have waited just a minute longer before I posted… :doh:

Actually, I just experimented with this a bit and I think if you increase alternately on every 6th and 5th stitch, it will work out pretty much exactly evenly. So in other words, increase on stitch 6, 11, 17, 22, etc. then your last increase will be on stitch 176 which is exactly 6 stitches from the end of your row - the same # of stitches you work at the beginning of the row before increasing.

Yep–if it’s asking you to increase evenly across the row, it wants you to space them out as explained above.

Thanks for all the replies!

Just to clarify. Using this method my first increase would occur before or after the 6th st?

I think that is part of what I am not understanding. If I come to the 6th st, do I increase before or after it?

After. :slight_smile:

It partly depends on what type of increase you are making. If you are doing a kfb (knit into front and back of stitch) then you would do it ON the 6th stitch, etc. If you’re doing a M1 increase you could do it before or after the stitch, like I said it doesn’t make much difference just be sure you’re consistent.

This pattern doesn’t clarify, just says increase 30 evenly across row, so I have been M1. Hope that is right?

The next row after the increase is a k4 p2 etc… if that matters?

You’ll be just fine doing a M1.