Increase question...really confused!

:thinking: I am making a little cardigan for my daughter from the Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine and for the Left Front panel it says (and I am copying directly from the magazine):

Change to size 9 (5.5mm) needles and work in garter st and inc at front edge (end of RS rows, beg of WS rows) 2 sts once

The text that is in bold is what confuses me. Does that mean to do a double increase or to do 1 increases on the first 2 stitches? TIA for anyone who can shed some light on this! I am itching to finish this!!

Well, considering that they aren’t more specific, I would think it’s up to you. And in my experience, increasing on 2 different stitches is less visible than 2 on one stitch.


Ok, I gotta ask… what is your little signature character doing?

Isn’t it a baby?

She’s holding a baby. What did you think she was doing??

Oh, and thanks for helping me with my question.