Increase one stitch in first stitch

Hi, I am working on a Bernat pattern for a knit leaf dishcloth. What has me confused is where it states, “Next row: (RS) Inc 1 st in first st.” Pattern does not indicate what type of increase, I would assume a knit front to back. What I’m unsure of, is do I do the increase on the first stitch, or would I knit the first stitch and then do the increase? I am probably overanalyzing this. . .I would truly appreciate your help! Thank you so much!

Since it says,

"Next row: (RS) Inc 1 st in first st."
I would do a kfb in the very first stitch. Sometimes patterns say inc 1 at the beginning of the row, but they don’t necessarily mean it has to be in the first st, but since your pattern says that, I’d do it that way.

An increase [I]in[/I] a stitch is a kfb, yes.