Increase on first stich?

I’m making my first blanket. (I usually crochet, and decided to teach myself to knit.) It is a really cute “Basket weave” pattern. It tells me to increase a stich on the first stich, on the purl side. :shrug: I’ve tried the M1F but the # of stiches doesn’t come out right. Any ideas??

I’d suggest you kfb–knit in the front and back of the first stitch. There are instructions in the abbreviations section and the increase section of the videos.

Since you are making an increase, the stitch count will be increased, so you won’t be able to follow the pattern exactly as written. This is where a pattern usually tells you to “keep in pattern” which is another way of saying that “we don’t want to bother to write out the pattern again with every increase, so figure it out.”

So what you have to do after the increase on the next row is treat that stitch as if it was a continuation of the pattern. If you’re working k5, p5, on the next row you’d work k5, p5, k1. Is that clear enough?

The best thing to do is to look at your knitting. The v’s are knit stitches as they face you and the bumps are purls. You should be able to tell what stitch keeps everything in pattern that way.

hmmmm. I think I understand. I’ll have to look at the pattern again, and see. (I can’t wait 'till I understand them better… :??)

You’ll get there. Any more questions, please don’t be afraid to ask!