Increase? New Knitter

I am a new knitter and am knitting my first hat. I’m really confused about a part where I need to increase (I am knitting the “Simples Cap of All” from the website):

Work one more round of ribbing, increasting8 stitches evenly spaced around the circle by lifting the bar between the stitches below and knitting into the back of this stitch, twisting it.

I don’t understand this. Mostly the twisting it part. Can anyone explain this to me??

hi kelly!

this is referring to a M1 increase, “bar” increase, or “grandma” increase. if you go to the increase page here scroll downt to M1L/M1F and that is what they are referring to. Hope this helps!!!

ETA: The “twisting” they are referring to is deliberately knitting it through the back loop to make it tighter and less noticeable.

thanks. that was a lot of help!

Can’t answer your poll… I have been mostly making sweaters.

Another who can’t answer your poll. I’m into sweaters.