Increase in Seed Stitch

Okay, I’m confused. I’m working on a sweater done in seed stitch. The instructions say to increase at end of wrong side row. How do I do that since I need to keep the increase in line with knitting one stitch and purling the next? Am I making sense?

I’m ready to pull my hair out with all my silly attempts!!! lol Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I would M1 (make one stitch) at the end of the row, or after the last pattern stitch if you have any selvage stitches to consider. Check the Basic Techniques tab above for info and video of M1 knit and purl, front or back. If your last pattern stitch is a purl, M1 knit stitch after it. If your last pattern stitch is knitted, M1 purl…


Have you ever read instructions a thousand times, but it was the thousand-oneth time that suddenly it all makes sense??? Geez, I need a new brain! :slight_smile:

I thought the pattern called for one stitch increase, but it really called for two…one on each end. That way, my pattern isn’t affected. But the way I thought it read, would screw it all up!!! lol

Thanks for your help. I’m glad I figured it out.


Welcome you guys :waving:
And…I do that ALL of the time…have to reread my pattern bc I miss something…It’s as I am in life, like looking for a can of peas on the cupboard…u know, that can right at eye level that I don’t see :roflhard: :rofling: