Increase in a pattern


Firstly, hi everyone. Im new on this site. I wouldnt say i’m new to knitting but I’m no expert. I’m knitting a lacy baby jacket. I’ve been doing fine until I got to the sleeves. The pattern is :
1st row. Knit
2nd row. Purl
3rd row. K1, *yrn, p1, p3tog, p1, keeping yrn fwd k1. Rep from * to end
4th row. Purl

I understand the pattern but for the sleeves I need to increase 1 stitch each end of every 6th row.
So, my question is, how do I keep the holey pattern in line when I’m increasing 2 stitches. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


Welcome to the forum!
Because you don’t want to alter the stitch count by working part of the repeat, work the increases in stockinette stitch until you have enough for a full repeat of the lacy pattern stitch. It’s a 6 stitch repeat.

Sometimes you can work these increases with partial pattern repeats. You could try working a “yrn, p1, p2tog” when you have 3 sts increased to see what that looks like. Maybe try it on a swatch?

In any case, make sure the lace pattern repeats continue to line up with the repeats in the body of the sleeve. You don’t want the increases to cause the pattern to jog one way or the other.


Thank you. I did what you suggested using stocking stitch and I wasn’t sure about how it looked. That’s how I ended up looking for help. I will definitely have a go at your other suggestion of a partial pattern. If I can manage to keep the stitch count right. And yes, you’re right, I should try it on a swatch first. Thank you for your advice.


The increases and the stockinette, if you use it, are going to be at the inside of the sleeve. It won’t look as odd as you might think once the sweater is assembled.