Increase help needed

hello all… i hope someone can help…

i am knitting a sleeveless top, the back half first… i have just finished the bottom half, and now need to start increasing for the top half of the blouse… the pattern says this:

“Inc 1 st at each end of next and every foll 6th row…”

ok, does this mean that i have to increase a stitch before i knit the first stitch already on the needle? or do i knit the first stitch and then increase (and increase before the last stitch of the same row?) ?? and does it matter what kind of increase i make, because in the videos on this website there are several ways shown to do increases, and it is terribly confusing to me…

all help is greatly appreciated…thanks ahead!!


I usually work 1-2 sts before the right inc, and plan the left inc to fall 1-2 sts before the selvage. Depending on your st pattern, you might want to try the various incs/decs on your swatch to see which you prefer. I always choose ones that lean consistent with the working edge (so something like SSK on the right, K2tog on left on st st altho my faves are slipped backward and forward loops). Some incs form little holes, some are nearly invisible. Make sure when doing a lifted inc…such as the strand between sts (M1)…to twist the st. Working into the front will cause it to lean left, working into the back will make it lean right. Doing a kfb is easy but leaves a small bar at the base of the st. That might be obvious or interfere with your st pattern.


Cam, thanks for the tips!! i am just going to try differnet increases and see what suits me best…

thanks again!