Increase each end in k1, p1 ribbing?

Hi again!

I am working in k1, p1 ribbing and increasing 1 st each end every third row. I have tried several different increases including knitting into the front and back of the first stitch, but the piece is not symmetrical that way and I don’t care for the edge.

Also, have tried k1, M1R, continue in ribbing then M1L right before the last stitch, then knitting the last stitch. Is that right? That looks messy too! :??

What’s the best way to get a nice even edge when increasing in k1, p1 ribbing?

If you’re going to seam the edge, it won’t matter as much. Any kind of increase or decrease in ribbing is going to affect the rib pattern. I’d say go with whichever one looks best, as those are the two ways I would choose from.

Thank you Ingrid for your response. Yes, the edges will become a seam. I guess I’m being too fussy. I’m looking for a perfect trapazoid in ribbing with a beautiful edge and I’m realizing it may not be possible… At least not at my skill level!

Thanks Again