Increase/decrease for doggy cape?

ok… so… i found this cute cape for a child that i am making for a dog. it involves a flat shape that is like a rectangle with the sides coming in and then out again. (see picture!!) what i want to know is how do i increase and decrease stitches like that? i watched the videos but i don’t understand when would do that… can someone either email me instructions, or a similar pattern that involves the same kind of increase/decrease?


ps… kinda urgent, it’s an xmas present! :happydance:

Amy actually has her diagrams laid out kind of like that shape on her increase/decrease pages (under the basic techniques tab). You can pick the kind that you want to do, and then I would decrease every other row on the 2nd and 2nd to last stitches, or maybe every 4 rows, depending on how drastic you want the size change to be. Every 4 rows would be more gradual. Then when you get to the center, do the same thing with increases every other or every 4 rows.