Increase confusion

Hello, I’m fairly new to knitting and self taught. I have a vintage pattern that reads: *1st row -inc., k. till 1 rem., inc. 2nd row - p. work 8 rows in st-st.

but I’m not sure how much to increase by or for how long? any help is appreciated, thank you.

What pattern are you making? Can you link to it or give us it’s name? I’d think you’re to increase once at the beginning of the row and once at the end. A kfb might be what’s needed since it says to knit to the last stitch and inc. Is any explanation given anywhere in the pattern?

Thank you for your response, I am attempting this project

unfortunately the pattern abbreviation page doesn’t appear to be included and I admit i’m getting into a spot of bother trying to decipher some of it.

That’s kind of hard to read, isn’t it? I think you should be able to use any increase you want. I would work the first stitch then work an increase. You could use a m1 or a kfb, whatever you prefer. You should be able to do it and if you run into real problems there are people here who seem to be able to figure out anything.

Thank you very much for help, I’m sorry to be so confused. I increase one at the start and one at the end, or increase every stitch?

As I read it, inc 1 st at each end of the row.

Thank you very much for all your help, you’ve been a life saver.

I’m glad I could help. I know how frustrating it is. When I’m able to help someone else it is only because it was here at KH that I got enough help that I actually learned to knit. Before you know it you’ll be helping someone else. That’s what it’s all about. Happy :knitting: and be sure to post any more questions and if you want to share pictures…we love pictures!