Increase and Decrease in jumpers / shirts

Hello everyone,

I’ve learnt knitting as a child and picked it up again a couple of years ago. I’ve since knitted everything from mittens, socks, hats and scarves. But I’m a bit intimidated by jumpers.

One of the things I’m very unsure of is the shaping. Which increase and decrease methods do I need to use to get a nice shaping? Let’s say a pattern says for shaping sleeves to increase one stitch at each end of every row. Do I then increase as following:

Row 1: K1, M1L, Knit all stitches but 1, M1R

or do I use different increase methods?

And if it comes to decreasing the work, do I k2tog at the beginning of the row and then ssk at the end of the row?

I’d be very grateful for any clarification as this has confused me for a very long time.

Thanks a billion.

It really varies with the pattern and style of the sweater. The k2tog/ssk option is one way to do it. It’s great to read patterns (I do it for fun!), but don’t overthink things you don’t know. You can learn as you go along and most patterns tell you the preferred method of increase/decreasing for that particular sweater.

There are a bazillion patterns. I started with a raglan pullover which was really easy. What type would you like to make?

Thanks for your reply. I just tried to upload a photo of the project I had in mind but somehow it won’t let me… anyway it is a pretty basic t-shirt worked in all stockinette stitch. I thought it’s a nice spring project and would be an introduction to a jumper. Is there any preferred method for stockinette stitch?

Is it knit in the round or flat and seamed?

The only methods for stockinette are-


  1. knit
  2. purl
  3. knit
    4 purl

In the round-
Knit all rows.