Increase and decrease in eyelet pattern

Hi. I wonder if anyone on the forum could help please? I making Sirdar leaflet 1689 child’s lacy bolero. The eyelet design is repeated every eight rows and is k2 tog yo k1 thus a pattern repeat of three stitches. If I get to the end of of row and due to increasing am left with only three stitches should I still make an eyelet right on the end or should I just knit these stitches. Also need to pick up stitches around the bolero for a ribbed eding should I pick up the two strands at the edge or try and find a whole stitch to go into? Many thanks for anyone’s help :thinking:

I’d probably knit the last three stitches so not to end with the eyelet. As you increase, work in stockinette stitch unless you have a balanced increase and decrease.

I think it’s ok if you pick up in the eyelet–I think it’s a matter of seeing if you like it.

Thanks Ingrid. Call me dim, but can you explain what you mean by a balanced increase and decrease? :thinking:

I just mean to not to a yo unless you have a k2tog to compensate for it, and vice versa. You need them to be ‘balanced’ or you’ll increase or decrease rather than have one cancel out the other. Clearer?

Many thanks Ingrid. I see what you mean now! :cheering: