Increase 6x every 2nd Row?

Intermediate knitter here and totally lost on my pattern! Pattern is for a hooded poncho, knitted flat. I am at a point in my pattern where I need to complete a series of increases over the length of the cape until I bind off. Instructions for this series of increases reads as follows:
"Work until marked sts, inc1 before the marked sts, knit the marked sts, inc1 after the marked sts repeat - = 8 sts are being increased.
Increase another 6x every 2nd row, 2x every 4th row, 4x every 8th row"
I am totally confused by what the pattern is asking when it states “increase another 6x every 2nd row…” And so on

Welcome to the forum!
These instructions are often confusing. Call the first inc row, row 1. Then you would inc on rows 3,5,7,9,11, and 13.
Next, inc on rows 17 and 21 and finally rows 29, 37, 45 and 53.
Keep count of your rows and check off the increases as you go. Enjoy finishing up the poncho and post a photo if you’d like. We’d love to see the finished project.